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Kadavu Island Kava

Where is Kadavu Island

Kadavu is an island group in Fiji that is part of the Yasawa Islands.  It comprises the larger Kadavu Island and seven smaller islands within the same coral reef. This therefore puts it just south of a channel separating it from Viti Levu.

The Island is volcanic in origin and rises to 2,750 feet (838 metres) at Ndelainambukelevu (Mount Washington). The central mountain ridge is drained by several rivers flowing into the ocean. In the Island’s Eastern half, there are many steep-sided valleys. It is here where a wide variety of cultivated crops are grown: bananas, cassava, yams, arrowroot, sweet potatoes and coconuts. The main town in this region is Naikorokoro.

Kadavu Island Kava is highly prized.

Kadavu Island
Inter Island ferry

How to get to there

Kadavu Island is easily accessible by means of an international airport (Suva), domestic airports and seaplanes. Fiji Air and Pacific Sun fly to Kadavu several times a week. Also, inter-island ferries arrive in Kadavu daily from Lautoka or from South Sea Wharf in Suva.


Kadavu Island is home to thousands of visitors every year. With an emphasis on comfort, personal service and excellent location, Kadavu has a range of resorts to suit all budgets. Whatever your budget and however long you choose to stay, Kadavu has something for everyone.

Kadavu Resort Accommodation
Kadavu Kava Farmer
“Kadavu Kava Farmer working his kava crop”

Kadavu Kava

Kadavu kava is the “workhorse” of the Fiji Kava kingdom. It is dependable and consistent. The famous Kadavu Waka Root Kava Powder is sourced from the pristine rainforests of Kadavu Island, Fiji. As such, this is a rare and highly sought after variety of kava. That’s because it’s grown in rich volcanic soils which gives it its signature earthy flavour profile. The result is high-quality medicinal grade kava roots that have a very stable and predictable outcome.

Kadavu kava is so popular that Nadi and Suva Kava dealers always make the trip there to source their kava. Both US kava customers and Fiji local kava drinkers have the same views about Kadavu Kava. That is, they consider Kadavu kava – regardless of variety – to be some of the best kava in Fiji.